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Early education lays the foundation for proper character development. Visit Singa and the Kindness C...

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Early education lays the foundation for proper character development. Visit Singa and the Kindness C...

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Open to all students in primary, secondary, international and special education schools, participati...

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weekly primer
Jun 29, 2018
3 min READ
This Week: Robert Mueller Accelerates His Probe As Midterms Loom
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livewire Russia Probe
By Treasure Square Acetate Sunglasses Karen Walker WgoCnTwP
| June 3, 2018 10:02 am
Alex Wong/Getty Images North America

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Sunday argued that the President “probably” has the power to pardon himself, but said that Trump “has no intention” of doing so.

In an interview with Giuliani, ABC’s “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos asked about a 20-page letter sent in January from members of Trump’s legal team to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The New York Times published the letter Saturday . In it, Trump lawyers John Dowd and Jay Sekulow argued that the President had broad executive authority to, among many other things, “terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon if he so desired.”

inRead invented by Teads

“Do you and the President’s attorneys believe the President has the power to pardon himself?” Stephanopoulos asked Sunday.

“He’s not, but he probably does,” Giuliani said. “He has no intention of pardoning himself, but he probably does. It doesn’t say he can’t. There’s another really interesting constitutional argument: Can the President pardon himself?”

“You think it’s an open question?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“It would be an open question,” Giuliani said. “I think it would probably get answered by, gosh, that’s what the Constitution says, and if you want to change it, change it, but yeah.”

“I think the political ramifications of that would be tough,” Giuliani added later. “Pardoning other people is one thing. Pardoning yourself is another. Other presidents have pardoned people in circumstances like this, both in their administration and sometimes the next president even of a different party will come along and pardon.”

Separately, Stephanopoulos brought up the letter’s admission that Trump dictated Donald Trump Jr.’s statement to the Times in July of last year regarding the campaign-era meeting in Trump Tower with Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton. The Trump camp has repeatedly denied that Trump was behind his son’s initial, misleading statement.

Shawn Ehrig and Jeremy Hepburn are charge nurses, and Ashley Smolen and Pamela Riley are general duty nurses at Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, New York.

Selected references

Gould D. Promoting patient safety: the rapid medical response team. Perm J . 2007;11(3):26-34.

U.S. Department of Health Human Services. Administration Implements New Healthcare Reform Provision to Improve Quality, Lower Costs. Cherie Short in Baby Blue size L also in MSXS Blue Life s6xUxjtoh
. Accessed July 2, 2013.

Pawar M. 5 tips for generating patient satisfaction and compliance. Fam Pract Manag . 2005;12(6):44-6.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. (2008, July). 2009 NationalPatient Safety Goals. Joint Commission Perspective, 28(7), 11-14. Retrieved from http://forces4quality.org/. 2011, December 20. Aligning Forces for Quality. (2011, January). Western New York TCAB Resources. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Washington, D.C.1-3 King S. What Happened. Josie King Foundation. Paper Bag Waisted Jean Black Noisy May Bruu2FWvvE
. Accessed July 2, 2013.

Monk J. (2002, June 16). How a hospital failed a boy who didn’t have to die. The State . 2002; A1, A8-9. http://www.lewisblackman.net . Accessed July 2, 2013.

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Play your way to better health
Crucial conversations for motivating colleagues and patients
The second victim experience: Mitigating the harm

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Science Environment
Science Environment
By Mark Kinver Environment reporter, BBC News
25 September 2015

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A lack of investment will derail efforts to ensure Africa's farmers can feed future generations in the face of climate change, a report has warned.

Food shortages, malnutrition and migration will undo decades of development unless more funding is made available, the authors added.

Failure to act could jeopardise UN global development goals, they warn.

The findings were compiled by the Montpellier Panel, a group of experts from Europe and Africa.

The report - The Farms of Change: African Smallholders Responding to an Uncertain Climate Future - recommended that international donors and governments took action in a range of priority areas, including:

Montpellier Panel chairman Prof Sir Gordon Conway observed: "Progress made in the last two decades to combat hunger and poverty in Africa will be irrelevant if action is not taken on climate change.

"African smallholders cannot escape poverty unless they are equipped to adapt to a changing climate - and this requires serious, large-scale investments," he added.

'Failed seasons'

The concerns voiced by Sir Gordon, who is also director of Agriculture for Impact, echoed the findings of a report last year that warned that many small-scale farmers across the continent faced the threat of "failed seasons".

The 2014 African Agriculture Status Report said the vital food producers faced a risk of being overwhelmed by the pace and severity of climate change.

The 2014 publication called for the adoption of "climate-smart agriculture" that would help make crops more resilient to future extreme weather events.

Another report published last year, On Trial: GM Crops in Africa , produced by UK think-tank Chatham House, said: "Increasing agricultural productivity and adapting farming to climate change are central to Africa's development prospects."

It suggested that sub-Saharan Africa's agricultural sector would benefit if it was able to harvest the fruits of biotechnology in order to establish sustainable development.

But it also said that a key challenge was being able to attract the necessary funding for biotechnology projects that focused on staple crops, such as cassava, as such food crops had a limited market globally.

Figures estimate that 200 million Africans are chronically malnourished and five million people each year die as a result of hunger.

The Montpellier Panel report that without urgently needed investment to climate-proof Africa's agriculture, the situation would become even more bleak.

It warned that by the middle of this century, hunger and child malnutrition could increase by more than 20% as a result of changes to the climate, undoing the gains made by the UN Millennium Development Goals.

However, Africa director of the International Food Policy Research Institute, Dr Ousmane Badiane, outlined why the report was calling for greater funding to climate-proof the continent's farms.

He said: "When given the right options and incentives, farmers can drive sustainable agricultural development that builds resilience to disasters and greenhouse gas emissions."

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